A castle, a pirate ship, a space ship, a magical garden…who, as a kid, has never dreamed about living inside one of them? Who has never dreamed of being the hero of his own tale living in a fantastic place?

These places were completely different one another, except for one thing: they were all unique and personal spaces and everyone of us had his own.

In our external lighting department we offer high quality products that can light every kind of outer space, even your garden. These lights will help you to turn your home into the castle, the pirate ship or the space ship you always dreamed to live into.

The products for external lighting range from simple spotlight to design garden lamps, small floor lamp and so on.

If you want to turn the house’s interior as you always wished to please visit the page on the interior lighting and go to have a look to the decorative lighting section.

duomo stradella
03_EM_ illuminazione esterna cignoli nuova luce


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