Payments and transport

Payments and transport

These payments and transport conditions relating to each of the products offered for sale (hereinafter “Products”) on the website (hereinafter the “Site”), govern all contracts of sale (hereinafter the “Purchases”) between the buyer (hereinafter the “Customer”) and the seller CIGNOLI ELETTROFORNITURE S.R.L. | Via IV Novembre 9 | 27045 – Casteggio – PV | Tel: +39 0383 806011 | | P.IVA 00295980189 (hereinafter “Cignoli”).

1 Payments
The payment methods accepted on the Site are PAYPAL and Bank Transfer. In case of bank transfer, payment must be made within 3 days of purchase, otherwise the purchase will be considered void.

2 Transport

Our shipments are made by postal service or courier. The dispatch of the goods is guaranteed within 10 working days, unless the goods are unavailable. The shipment arrives at its destination within a further 10 working days.

Delivery takes place within 20 working days from receipt of payment.

Delivery takes place on weekdays. Non-receipt of the shipment is not allowed. Placing the order involves the mandatory receipt of the shipment, without prejudice to the right of return. Any storage costs due to the absence of the recipient and errors or omissions in indicating the delivery address (including the name on the bell) will be entirely borne by the buyer.