Counterbalance wall lamp

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The Counterbalance wall lamp from the Luceplan brand is made of steel with an aluminum head.

Black colour.
16 Watt LED.

The Counterbalance wall lamp of the Luceplan brand represents lightness that defies the law of gravity and comes out as a winner.

Designer Daniel Rybakken creates an adjustable piece of furniture that amazes: the length with respect to the center of gravity would suggest to common sense that everything should collapse to the ground, but this does not happen.

This is because at the base there is a system that keeps everything in balance. We can say that it is a wonderful metaphor that suggests to us how, if there are strong foundations, we do not fall.

Counterbalance is able to hypnotize us and be usable in a wide radius from the wall, as opposed to many wall lamps – appliques.